Friday, May 14, 2010

Autographed Photo Frames

Have you ever gone to a concert or event and wanted to get someone you admire's autograph? Sometimes it is on a t-shirt or a napkin... or maybe inside a book or magazine. Last year, I had the pleasure of sponsoring the tool center at a couple of Creating Keepsakes Conventions. I knew that Lisa Bearnson was attending the one in Houston, so I painted this inexpensive unfinished frame and asked her to sign it. I also had someone take our picture together, with the plans of putting that picture in the autographed frame. Something so simple... so inexpensive... yet it is one my most treasured souvenirs. I keep this frame and a few others on a shelf above my desk as inspiration and a reminder to chase my dreams.

Another one that I love was also taken in Houston... with Lain Ehmann, a contributing editor for Simple Scrapbooks.... she has the cutest, funniest, most energetic blogs around. Check her out HERE!

Don't be afraid to 'think outside the box'! I love unfinished wood... it just screams 'paint me' and
'cover me with embellishments!' LOL! And make sure to surround yourself with inspiration pieces while you are scrapbooking, stamping or just plan creating. It will really help... I promise!