Friday, August 22, 2008

Birthday Lunch

Wow... where did the time go?! Okay... I know its so cliche, but its so true! He has grown up so quickly! He's so different from Patch & Sam, definitely unique in personality and style. I love that he is passionate about the theater and I am proud that he serves on the Little Elm Teen Advisory Board... he even spoke at the Little Elm Town Council meeting this past Thursday night as a representative of the town's teens in favor of the new library proposal. He's active like that... .

So, today for his birthday... Matt helped a friend of mine out and babysat her 10yo daughter, 5yo son and 2yo son. It was the first time he had babysat a child in a diaper. You should have seen the look on Matt's face when my friend calmly told him that if there was a runny diaper situation, he should just place the child in the shower. I had to put Matt out of his misery and assure him that should that happen I was only a phone call away and would come to the rescue! LOL! Otherwise, he did a great job!

While Matt was babysitting, Memaw and I ran errands... the post office to send a package to my darling nephew, Jake... the dry cleaners with Glenn's clothes... the party store to buy some birthday balloons and to fill up with gas (only $3.38 per gallon! Yea!). Then we picked up Noah, then Matt and went to Chili's for birthday lunch. The lunch was good, company was great... service sucked! I was sooo disappointed. But that's a story for another time. Memaw ordered sprite to drink and the waiter brought her water... which was funny because she took a sip and told the waiter to take it back that the 'sprite' was really (we mean really) flat!!! We all had a chuckle out of that... including the not-so-good waiter. LOL!

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