Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cutest Cricut Cards Ever!!

Well... Texas got hit by an ice storm and it was beautiful! School was out for 2 days and we loved it! I actually took time to play with my Cricut Design Studio this past week and have had a blast! I learned how to download cut files from the internet and found quite a few blogs with wonderful information & files. But I found some just adorable ones over at Okie Ladybugs . Look at the cutest cards that I have ever made and I did it with cut files from Okie!

I stamped the top of the slider card with a cute "Life is so sweet" stamp...
Okie Ladybug calls the card below a "Flap Fold" card... you can get the cut file for it on her blog HERE. She also has a place to make donations if you like her stuff enough to download it.

She also included the cut file for the envelopes too! I added my own touch to it by cutting an 'S' out of the front so that the patterned paper would show thru!! Cute, huh?! The 'S' actually looks like it is glued on, but it's not!

Well... I'm off to find more CDS cut files!!! I've found and whole nother world out there!! LOL!


Angie P said...

these are great...can't wait to crop with you soon!

Deborah said...

I live in the Fort Worth area. I would love to take a class on the Cricut with you. Please send me information about your classes. Thank you.