Monday, January 26, 2009


Well, I feel like a school girl who was just picked by her playmates to play dodgeball on their team!! Hehehhe! A fellow scrapper & team member of The Limelight, Lori, has tagged me. Click on her name to jump to her blog... it's great, full of cute ideas! I am suppose to share SEVEN facts about myself and then tag SEVEN other fellow bloggers...

1) I started scrapbooking before scrapbooking was cool... back in 1989. I would put photos in those horrible magnetic photo albums and used index cards to journal on next to each photo! My embellishmenst consisted of little thought bubbles cut out of the index cards placed with funny comments above the photos!

2) I am blessed with the most wonderful Scrubby (Scrapbooker's Hubby) who I have been married to for 23yrs!

3) I am also blessed with three wonderful children who I am extremely proud of... my oldest son who is an Army Ranger stationed in North Carolina... my middle daughter who just got married and is now an Army Wife about to move to Alaska... and my youngest son who dedicates all his time to his high school theater department and our church's youth group.

4) We developed a combined household when we moved my mother in with us after losing my dad 2yrs ago and I am so fortunate to have such a personal relationship with my mom. She is my BSB... Best Scrapbooking Buddy!

5) We have two... yes, two... scrapbook rooms in our home. My mom has the downstairs Scrapbook Room and I claimed the upstairs gameroom as my Scrapbook Studio/Office.

6) Between my mom and myself, we have 3 Cricut Expressions and our one (original) baby bug.

7) We also own 52 Cricut Cartridges... yes, we are not only blessed... we are downright spoiled! LOL!

Okay... now I get to go TAG 7 other fellow bloggers!

1) I will tag my good friend ANGIE, she is the knower of everything technological in scrapbooking and the leader of a local meetup group. And makes the best Cupcake Pops!! Go to Bakerella and you will even see Angie listed in the Texas group!

2) MurphyMoments is a member of that meetup group that I am looking forward to getting to know!

3) KarenB over at Memories Unleashed... she has some totally adorable cards and layouts! Great inspiration there!

4) ObsessedWithScrapbooking... she is totally on top of things! She knows whats on sale and whats new and is great about letting everyone else know!

5) Linda over at Just A Scrappin.... another blog that keeps everyone up to date on what's new!! Linda is full of creative information!!

6) A fellow ladybug!! Okie-Ladybug has some of the best CDS cut files!! I just discovered her blog and am soooo grateful for her talent!! Definitely check her out, especially if you are thinking about purchasing the Cricut Design Software!

7) The Pink Stamper... another new one (to me anyway... lol) with tons of tutorials! She really rocks!

I am just awed by the talent of these ladies! Have a wonderfully creative day!!


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Angie P said...

ok Lady....turn about is fair play right...(insert wicked laugh)

I've tagged you on my blog, come check it out!