Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Cricut Cartridges!!

Okay... everyone (Linda at (Gracie at is buzzing about the new cricut cartridges being released by Provo Craft!

Ashlyn's Alphabet reminds me alot of Storybook which is one of my all time favorites... I like the fonts alot! This will definitely be my very next purchase in the cricut line!

A Child's Year looks so cute!! And easy cuts too! No paper piecing required! I love the shadow effects of this cartridge... something totally new for Cricut.

There are three new Solutions Cartridges which means that each one will have about 50 images with no creative features other than shadow and blackout. I am excited to see the Kitchen & Bath Decor... I'm hoping that there will be more than just decor, I need stuff to finish my Family Cookbook with!!

Getting away from the Disney line that we are use to seeing... Hannah Montana and Spongebob. I am not a Hanna Montanna fan, but I like the looks of those fonts!

As for Spongebob... I don't watch this one either and am not that familiar with it. I really like the hamburger pictured here though and hope that means there is more food items... doesn't Spongebob eat Pizza too? LOL! That would catch my interest!

Leave me a comment! Tell me what you think... which one do you like the most? Which one do you want to see in the Ladybug Tool Center for retreats?


Anonymous said...

When do these carts become available for purchase?

Anne said...

I'm excited about the carts particularly the kitchen/bath decor and the Hannah M.
I am all for not so much paper piecing together as some of the ones such as Disney and Winnie are.

Ladybug Diva said...

No one knows for sure when the cartridges will be released. If Provo Craft stays true to their history, it will be awhile. CHA is next week, so I am sure that they will be accepting preorders for the new cartridges with a promised delivery date of a couple of months from now. Just my opinion though.

Yeah... Anne... I, too, think that will be my favorite of the new ones!

Susan Vilar said...

The new cart called "A Child's Year" looks so much like the silhouette illustrations in The Boxcar Children books I read as a kid... what memories!

I'll definitely find a use for this cart!!!

I also love the Ashlyn's Alphabet! Sounds like it will have some really nice goodies.

LiveLaughScrap said...

You've been tagged!!
See my blog for instructions.

Ladybug Diva said...

TAGGED! OMG! This is a first for me... LOL! Okay, let me go figure this out... Thanks Lori!

Susan: I agree with you! I like the looks of the new silhouettes... very vintage.

Anonymous said...

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