Monday, June 9, 2008

A Day with Julia

Well, I devoted all day Monday to Julia. She will be leaving us on Friday and I think we are all (including her) are very sad about that. She and I took Memaw out to Mattitos for lunch, then Julia & I met Glenn at Costco for some shopping. Glenn is so silly, he makes her laugh all the time (he makes me laugh too). Then Julia and I went to Central Market to get some special ingredients for supper. She requested that we make my famous Skinner Meatball Minestrone soup... yum! We had fun. We tasted many things at Central Market... some we liked and some not so much! LOL! But it was fun. We then went to Walmart to get the rest of our ingredients at a more reasonable price. Dinner was very very late tonight because we spent so much time shopping, but it was worth it. We served the soup in these big bread bowls that we bought at Central Market, they were sooo good! And we watched the movie, "Music and Lyrics" with Sara, Memaw and Matt.

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