Monday, June 2, 2008

Recap of the WEEKEND!

WOW! This past weekend was CRAZY! We had a big family/friend barbeque here at the house for Sam & Julia's graduation on Saturday. Then we all went to the graduation ceremony up at UNT in Denton that evening. Right after the ceremony, Glenn & I dropped Julia & Selina off at Selina's house because Julia is going on a trip to Mt Rushmore with Selina and her host-family. Then we met Sam, Nalani, Amanda, Sara Weller, Sara Skinner and Matt at a Tattoo parlor in Carrollton called Artistic Encounter. A man named Shawn gave Sam a "Big" apple blossom tattoo for her graduation present (okay... he was paid $250 as a graduation present from cousin Sara). It is on her right hip.

Then Sunday... Sam moved into her first apartment with Sara Weller. Dad & I helped all day and then I took Sam out to dinner at Chili's and we shopped at Walmart for thing like towels, shower curtain, baskets, etc. Oh, and she got stuff to make spaghetti. There's hope yet! LOL!

Monday: Memaw & I met Marianne over at the Creative Cottage in McKinney. We had the bestest time and are going back tomorrow!

I'm tired now, so goodnight!

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