Monday, June 9, 2008

Week gone by...

Okay... it's Monday morning. Wow, how did that week go by so fast? Well, Mom, Marianne and I spent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday cropping at a great new place called Creative Cottage. It was wonderful! Cheri managed to join us on Tuesday evening, spend the night and cropped all day on Wednesday. She even finished a page! Marianne finished 30 pages (she's out of control!) and I actually finished 7 pages. But I also worked in Sam's graduation book and made about 12 baby tags for Parkland Hospital.

Thursday & Friday were spent catching up on housework. Thursday was the last day of school for Matt, so he had Seth spend the night both Thursday & Friday night. We (Memaw, Matt, Seth, Donna & I) all went out to dinner Friday night at the new Mattitos over on Frisco on the Square... yum! It was so good, I had to take Glenn there for a lunch date on Saturday.

Saturday morning, I got up and went to yard sales... in search of stuff for Sam's new apartment. I found large silk ficus tree, a set of mixing bowls, two glass measuring cups, 12 wine glasses, a rolling pin for Chicken & Dumplings and a nice glass pitcher. I met Glenn over at Sam's apt to drop off my loot and help him hang stuff for the girls. Her apt is really cute. I hope that this works out for her.

Patch is funny... he pulled a good one on me this past week. I always worry about him when he parachutes and he has to do it at least once per month, sometimes more. He was scheduled to jump on Wednesday from a helicopter and I always tell him to call me right after so that I know he is okay (a mother's right). I was a little worried when he hadn't called me by 1pm on Wednesday, so I sent him a text msg. He called and was laughing because he was actually sitting in the doorway of the helicopter with his legs dangling out WHILE he was talking to me! Then he jumped and said he'd call me back... the line went dead. About 6 minutes later, my heart started beating again when he called back to tell me that he landed hard, but was just fine! That boy! He is the KING OF EXTREME!

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