Friday, September 5, 2008

Back-To-School Retreat

What a great week this has been! It's early on Friday morning and I am preparing for the weekend... making my lists... checking them twice (lol!). But I as I look back at my week, I realize how blessed I am!!

My Back-To-School Retreat last weekend at the Southfork Hotel was a huge success! It was so much fun! I have developed so many friendships through my business. Several of those friends were present at this past retreat. They make my work FUN! I can't wait until my next retreat in October! The Teacher Tissue Box class was fun and I had 5 students. Everyone's turned out great!

The thing that I am most blessed with in my business is the support of my family! The fact that I can do this with them! My mom... she is always there for me... with me, and I appreciate her so much. Samantha... she worked her tail off this past weekend and unloaded the trailer practically all by herself! I had to reaarrange the room setup and was busy directing that and she just jumped right in and got the trailer unloaded so we could get setup in time. THANKS SAM! She worked on her SAVE THE DATES all weekend and they are turning out great! She was cricuting like a fiend! At one point, she had both machines going and her announcements are so stinking cute!

And lastly, my husband, Glenn! He is a SCRUBBY (Scrapbookers Hubby) extradinaire! He worked all day at the hospital on Sunday and came straight to the hotel at 10pm to help load up the trailer. I am so blessed with him and I love him so much! Who cares if he and Sam get distracted while doing it, I love that they help with a cheerful heart and find a way to have fun while doing it! I'm so grateful they were there!

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