Saturday, September 20, 2008

Scrapbook Studio - Moving in!

The room is ready... ready for me to move into it! I've been busy painting and preparing it for some time now. So Friday morning I disconnected my computer (sad... i know) and started moving my desk and stuff upstairs to my new Scrapbook Studio... I'm calling it (you guessed it!)... Ladybug Land! LOL! My walls are a beautiful lime green... scrubby said, "wow, did you mean to pick that color?!"... LOL! I love it though because all my furniture is either black or white, so the green walls look great! I will post pictures tomorrow night, but right now I am going to go put ice on my sore ankle and go to bed! I'm exhausted! It is probably going to take me all week to completely move in and clean up the mess I will leave behind, but at the end of the week... voila!... I will be in scrapbook heaven! LOL! So, leave me a comment and tell me where YOU scrapbook? What color is it?


Anne said...

I can't wait to see your new space! I am visualizing it now and the word AWESOME comes to mind.

Tonya said...

Tammy, I love lime green. Can't wait to see pictures. We turned one of our bedrooms into a crafty room for me upstairs. We installed hardwood floors and cabinets/countertops. It is my favorite place to scrap. Colors are bright...lime green, hot pink, turquois, orange.