Sunday, September 7, 2008

THINK PINK & Little girl's bday parties...

Yesterday was awesome! I got to help one of my best friends, Angela, with her THINK PINK crop. We did it at the Transport Workers Union Hall over in Southlake and it was a perfect spot! We all got 8' tables to work on!

Angela and her mom, Linda gave away some really cute door prizes and had goodies (of course everything was pink!) on everyone's table.

Today was all about Janice's daughter Riley. She had her birthday out at her uncle's ranch with horseback riding and swimming. So, we all just sat around and talked and watched the kids play. It was such a fun day! I got to catch up with old friends and really relax. Here's a picture of Riley, Samantha and Calli (Angela's daughter):

What a CUTE cake!

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