Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mom Leaves for Spain

Well... I put my mother on the plane yesterday for Spain. A 16 hour flight into another country... I can only pray that she doesn't end up in Africa instead! She has been so nervous about this flight, I had help her pack! Once she was packed though she got excited! She's going to spend 2 1/2 months with my sister who is about to deliver her third child. Mom has never been out of the country, hence the anxiety over the travel.

Marianne, Sammers and Sara all went with us to mom's favorite restaurant, MiMi's in Lewisville. Our favorite waiter wasn't there :-( and our service was crappy... but we still had a good time being together.

Marianne and I got mom to the airport in time... checked her in... gave her instructions like she was 5yo the whole way and regretted not sewing labels with her name and my contact info into her clothing! I did type up a page with her info... my info and my sisters info on it and attached it to copies of her itinerary and put one in each suitcase! Hey! I'm not paranoid! Tracy has problems with them losing her luggage ALL the time!

We said goodbye at security and watched her go through the process. We lucked out though and got to meet the pilot (we was behind her in security) that was going to fly her to Philadelphia... he was sweet and even posed for a picture with mom. LOL! He leaned over and asked us if she was going to be trouble while she was cutting up with the security people about the metal knees she has... the alarms went off and she got to get real intimate with a female TSA agent! Of course we lied and said "No"! She's completely harmless!

I'm gonna leave you with this last photo... it's blurry... but it says it all! LOL! Love you Mom!


Tonya said...

How fun for Mom! I bet I know where that polka dotted bag came from...HEE HEE. I love that she got so friendly with the TSA agents -- it is usually me they get. The last trip I took with my father before he passed away was to Disneyland. We did sew labels in his clothing just in case, so I totally understand that. He had Alzheimer's but it is a real fear. Your sister will be glad to have her there.

Tammy Skinner said...

Hehehee! I know what you mean Tonya! Yep, her suitcases came from Sam Moon... she got comments all the way to Spain on them. They loved them in Barcelona and guess what! They didn't get lost! I'm mean really! How could you lose something so bright!? LOL!

Anne said...

I'm totally with you on worrying over our parents. I feel like I need to sew labels in her clothes and put my contact information on cards in every pants pocket she has.

Just like when we were growing up she did to us.

I hope she has a great time in Spain and she'll love welcoming the new baby!