Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Home Safely!

Wow! What a great weekend! It started out a little bumpy, we actually showed Hurricane Ike how to get to Tennessee and was just ahead of it the whole way there! The drive home last night was much better though and I got us home at 3:30am this morning! Safe & sound. Don't worry... I love night driving... i think up some of my best projects while I drive!

Mom and I had gotten some coupons from Archivers in the mail... so mom convinced me to go scrapbooking at the new Archivers in Memphis on Saturday night! It was so much fun and we met a bunch of new friends! Before the night was over, they had all taken a vote and decided that we were moving back to Memphis! LOL! Shhh... haven't told my scrubby yet... do ya think he will mind?! hehehee

We met so many new friends, but there were two ladies, Ruby & Karen, who were so fun! Girls... you are gonna have to make a roadtrip to Dallas and come crop with us sometime! Anyway, they loved the way I have organized my cricut cartridges (thanks Tonya!) so much that they left the store to go to the Bass Pro Shop (it was only a few miles away... imagine that!) and proceeded to buy the last 5 flip boxes that were there! The sales clerk told them that those boxes are now on backorder... so sorry, my Memphis friends... you will have to wait to get yours! I need to email Bass Pro Shop my address so they can send me a commission check! LOL! Not!

Ruby... Pam... Karen...

Ruby shows off the Flip Box for the cricut cartridges...

Samantha came with us and worked on the title page for her Wedding Planner Scrapbook... yep, she will have a scrapbook on 'planning' the wedding (btw... it's 08/16/2009!) and then a separate one just for the wedding day. She's so organized and I'm so proud!

I worked on a little going away gift for my favorite cousin, Jes! She just graduated from college with a BS in history and is now traveling to Scotland for a whole year for a history masters program... wow! So, I made her a special Travel Journal to keep notes of this year... talk about making history! I love you Jes!

Anyway... we had such a great time meeting everyone and hope to see some of my new Tennessee scrapping friends at a future Texas Ladybug event!


Angie P said...

Your trip looks and sounds like it was SO much fun! That pink paper with crowns on it, is by glitz, and I bought it from a gal I buy from online.

Karen said...


It was nice meeting you & your family too!! You all are so sweet! Glad to see you all made it home safely but yes ma'am we want you all back in Memphis ASAP, but without bringing the hurricanes with you if at all possible. :-)

And THANK YOU SO MUCH for the great idea on storing cricut cartridges...I've already organized the cartridges, just gotta organize the booklets (still have to cut out what pages I don't need) and keypad next. I absolutely LOVE it!! And that "special" trip to Bass Pro Shop only took us 30 minutes!! :-)

If you ever plan a cropping event in TN, let me know and I can help spread the word. And hopefully one of these years we can make it to Texas too!

Happy Scrappin,

Tonya said...

What fun! I love Archivers. I am so glad you guys made it home safely.

Jestein said...

Tammy, thank you so much for my lovely notebook! I just love looking at it on my desk over here, it reminds so much of home and of you! I hear Aunt Liz made it safely and they're inducing Tracy tomorrow? I'm praying for her! I love you so much!