Friday, September 12, 2008

Roundtrip Roadtrip

ROADTRIP! Memaw, Sam and I are going to Memphis for the weekend! We have my sister, Tracy's baby shower on Sunday and there's a 'Going Away' party for cousin Jes!! Memaw got comfy (see her under the striped blanket?) in the back seat and Sam played navigator... she's a good navigator!

We got to Texarkana and made a U-turn to go back home... 6 hours of driving and $76 in gas... to go nowhere! Mom's van started having some trouble... the odometers were freaking out and the lights were flickering... we were worried that we would end up getting stranded in the middle of nowhere, so we decided to turn around and change into the Durango instead.

Oh well... we enjoyed a beautiful sunset as we hit Denton County and there's always tomorrow.


Angie P said...

what a pain...but I guess better safe than sorry :o(
Hate that you spent all that time and effort for nothing.

Tonya said...

That was probably a smart idea to turn around. Hope you guys had a good time and are driving carefully to get back home.