Thursday, September 11, 2008


I sent an email out to all my Ladybug subscribers (850 now!) with all the details of the upcoming SCRAP PINK on September 27th. I'm so excited about participating in this charity event. My webSite ( has all the info. I also talked about the SPOOKY Christmas retreat. Weird name, huh? My mom, Liz, actually came up with it. I told her that I was so torn between making the theme for the October retreat about Halloween, since it was the weekend before Halloween. Or making the theme about Christmas, since as crafters... we needed to be planning and working on our Christmas stuff that far in advance! She suggested the SPOOKY Christmas! I liked it, because when you think about it... it sure is spooky how one day it's Halloween and then the next day it's already Christmas! Does that happen to anyone else? I love this time of the year... but I do tend to get so caught up in it that the days just fly by. I ALWAYS have the best intentions about making AND mailing my Christmas cards. And there is a list of homemade gifts that I would love to make for my family and friends at least a mile long... but there never seems to be enough time. This year... I'm starting early and I'm encouraging others to do the same! Stay tuned for more details about the projects that we will be doing during the Spooky Christmas Retreat!


Angie P said...

hey - love the name/theme...sounds fun!

Tonya said...

Tammy, what a great idea. Love your little picture to go with it. I have a list a mile long this year too. I am gonna try to save some money and make handmade gifts this year. I went to Joanns a couple weeks ago and purchased tons of yarn and I am working on items for everyone. My inlaws all live where it is cold..cold...cold so I thought some shoulder wraps, scarves, blankets and such might be nice. Now to keep motivated.