Thursday, September 4, 2008


.... my husband! Glenn! We finished the first 12 weeks of our WLC (weight loss class) tonight! Glenn and I both won... and lost at the same time!! LOL! Glenn lost 22lbs and 19.5 inches, which gave him an 11.13% total body weight loss!! I lost 23lbs and 21.5 inches, but it only gave me an 8.36% weight loss. So, Glenn got $220 for first place, our friend Demas got $130 for second place and my friend Cheri got $88 for third place and I got $57 for losing the most inches! What a great evening!

Had a great day too! I met Angela over at Amy Click's in Roanoke for a Scrap-a-doodle daycrop. We worked on the projects for this weekend's Think Pink Crop and had a good time. I really enjoy cropping with the 'doodle' ladies! We talked and laughed about a wide variety of topics... from gun control (sorry Angie!! LOL) to American Idol. It's a bit of a drive for me, but totally worth every mile. I have learned more from these ladies than I have from any other scrapbook group/meetup that I am involved with. Angie is such a whiz with the computer, Tonya has convinced me to finally organize my cricut cartridges and Amy's house!!! All I can say is "wow!"... she has such great taste in decor, just being there is inspiring. Katybean is another favorite doodle of mine. She did a photo frame today of a concert she went to... I think it was Bon Jovi... and she used the words to a song on the frame... loved it! Wish I had taken a picture of it!

Well... I am off to bed now. Sorry I've neglected my blog lately... it's been a busy week, as usual! LOL!



Angie P said...

hey! I always look forward to the opportunity to crop with you! I had a GREAT time today

Tonya said...

Tammy, WOW! Congratulations to you and DH. Cheri too!